My name is Sailor. I love hockey && the Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks.I am seventeen years old boy from British Columbia && make edits also.If you would like an edit, just message me through the ask box and I will try to get right to it if possible :)

Do you only follow blogs that mostly reblog penguins stuff?

Nah I follow all sorts of hockey blogs :) I just don’t like philly and bruins blogs sooooooo


ok but in 4 years time they will start drafting players born in 2000

If I ever get confused or say something hurtful I’m sorry I’m a guy

Thank you! Our whole band needs all the luck we can get on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Haha

Np :)

Who are your tumblr crushes? Blogs that are your favourite and you wish you talked too more. :)

Ooo probably @alexburrowsishot @sidmalkin and @crosby-juice :3
I like all they’re blogs a lot :)

I most likely won't. I'm so out of shape. The months I went to the gym did nothing.

Just pace yourself and don’t push your limits. I wish you lots of luck :3

Tell us about your first love

I met her at our teams first hockey practice. I was fourteen and I played in a boys/girls league. She was tall, taller then me and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. It was only her second year of playing hockey and I kinda helped her out a lot. She was not bad and it could tell she loved the game. We barely talked, but every time we aw each other we smiled and said hey and what not.. We stood and sat by each other on the bench and we would always hug each other when me or her got a goal. I remember her friends brother was on my brothers team and she always came with her to see me. When she didn’t come every week I got sad and when I didn’t come she also got sad so I tried never missing my brother practices. We still keep in contact but I will never forget her I don’t think.. Cause after four years I still dream about her and imagine holding her. We never kissed or anything.. We barely talk.. But i think we talk with our eyes and smile more then anything. That’s why this summer I’m gonna try to tell her my feelings.. If I get the courage. It’s a hard thing texting someone randomly and out of the blue. I just don’t know how I’m gonna do it but I will :)

I need to rant again. So our band directors wife came to do calisthenics with us today and it was awful. She is a workout freak and she also ran a marathon backwards because she wanted to. LIKE WE ARE IN BAND FOR A REASON. All 188 of us are sore and tired. We have three more days of it. Okay my rant is over thanks again for listening! :)

Hehe no problem :)
Good luck and I hope you survive

I just want to cuddle someone till things get inappropriate tbh.

What type of blogs do u follow

Mostly hockey blogs and a few youtuber blogs :)